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Screencap Meme - Thor by Shego2Drakken Screencap Meme - Thor :iconshego2drakken:Shego2Drakken 5 0
Ch. 4: The Case Begins
A brief bout of nostalgia made me realize I gotta get cracking on this fic again! I owe it to all the GMD Ratigan/Basil slash fans out there!!! And now that I'm taking Latin, I think I might check to see if the title is correct or not. Just in case.
Ratigan: Oh, no.
Me: Oh, yes!
Ratigan: So you're going to continue to pair me up with Basil?!
Me: Or with whoever's available.
Ratigan: Oh, smeg.
Me: Oh, smeg indeed.
Disclaimer: I do not own Ratigan or Basil, who belong to Eve Titus and Disney. Captain Jack belongs to just Disney. Martin Fenwick belongs to DIC and Professor Moriarty belongs to Arthur Conan Doyle, though his parallel alter-ego is mine. Veeken, Des, Tala, James Thanadis and Shina belong to me.
:iconshego2drakken:Shego2Drakken 1 1
Stars and stones, Moriarty... by Shego2Drakken Stars and stones, Moriarty... :iconshego2drakken:Shego2Drakken 5 2 Five Years by Shego2Drakken Five Years :iconshego2drakken:Shego2Drakken 0 0
Chap. 3: A Team Is Formed
Yes, I've finally decided to update this story! w00t! And because everyone's wondering:
Name: Captain Jack Sparrow
Race: Human (Rat in the GMD world)
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Bio: When the crew of the Black Pear went their separate ways on relatively good terms (that stupid song aside), Captain Jack Sparrow apparently disappeared. While it is said that some of his first crew murdered him, no one knew the truth. When he reached Tortuga, he was discovered by Historical Justice, who hired him for a strange mission. Apparently the Ratigans in many dimensions were starting to show signs of supernatural abilities, and villains were attempting to harness these powers for themself. Now an agent, Captain Jack Sparrow advised Ratigan on matters of travel, no matter whether it was a sneak attack, or an escape. Ratigan was impressed by his cunning, and considered him a trusted ally, up until he strangely disappeared two years ago...
Figuring that something must have happened that would have Ratig
:iconshego2drakken:Shego2Drakken 0 0
Partners Again
"Here's to being partners again."
Ratigan grinned at the detective over his drink. ...Partners again... It seemed only yesterday that they had truly worked together. Of course, this particular yesterday being over a century ago.
Over a century... A lot of things had happened since then. Back then, both men had been mortal rodents. On the outside, they had appeared to be the worst of enemies, but on the inside...
Ratigan sighed, taking another sip of his Bloody Mary, grimacing slightly at the taste. Ratigan's insistence of going to a techno-goth club had resulted in the drinks menu having a "blood-or-no-blood" option. "Guess they have someone new at the bar tonight", he said with a chuckle.
"Too much 'Bloody', not enough 'Mary'?", Basil quipped with a laugh.
Ratigan smirked. "I guess..." He glanced down at the table.
"You all right, James?"
Ratigan sighed. "Don't worry, Basil. I'm fine."
Basil sighed. Sometimes Ratigan was harder to decipher than most clues he had dealt wi
:iconshego2drakken:Shego2Drakken 7 4
W.i.t.c.h I.D. by Shego2Drakken W.i.t.c.h I.D. :iconshego2drakken:Shego2Drakken 2 0
Chap. Two: Life In Retrospect
"Always be mindful of the present, but never forget your past, because it has a nasty way of biting you in the tail when you least expect it." Me
                  Meanwhile, Adrian Elessar, aka Professor James Ratigan, woke up from a terrifying nightmare. He quickly glanced around the room. Nothing. Just the stillness, and the pale lantern that was the moon. He sighed, and sank back onto the bed.
                  He had been having very sparse nightmares like this ever since he had secretly reformed. Sometimes about being
revealed for who he really was, other times fearing for others close to him.
                  It was at these times when he realized the irony of how he converted.
:iconshego2drakken:Shego2Drakken 0 2
Chapter One: In The Beginning
August 15, 2002/June 5, 1901
                  It's been approximately three years since I was shuttled into this dimension. Duty, they said. I, personally, am sick of the drudgery of waiting for recent news. But I have a feeling things are about to change very soon. I can feel it in my bones, and I am usually never wrong about this kind of thing...
                  But I'm getting a bit ahead of myself here. I guess I should calm down for a moment and explain.
                  For anyone who happens to read this journal (heaven forbid!): My name is James Thanadis, aka Hercule Poirot.
                  Now, you may ask: "Why did y
:iconshego2drakken:Shego2Drakken 0 3
The effects of soda on Ron W. by Shego2Drakken The effects of soda on Ron W. :iconshego2drakken:Shego2Drakken 0 1 The werewolves are coming... by Shego2Drakken The werewolves are coming... :iconshego2drakken:Shego2Drakken 9 3 Feel the blue-ness, man... by Shego2Drakken Feel the blue-ness, man... :iconshego2drakken:Shego2Drakken 0 1
Spider-Rat: The Trailer-ness
(Fade into a large collection of Spider-Man comic books on some flat surface, some partially hidden in shadow. The camera moves in as the narrator starts.)
Narrator: You've heard the tales of Spider-Man... How he defeated the Green Goblin for the first time... How he constantly had to stop the Lizard's plots to destroy all humanity... How he has saved the world, time and time again, in the face of hatred and fear... But, now, we bring you a new chapter in the legacy...
(Cut to Veeken, disguised as Ratigan via the P.D.I., sitting next to Des, and singing, swaying side to side, "his" tail twitching in time to the music.)
"Ratigan": (singing in Ratigan's voice) Oh, give me the beat, boys, and free my soul;
I wanna get lost in your rock and roll and drift away.
Narrator: Well, it's a weird chapter...
(Cut to after Dr. Director explains the plan to the heroes.)
Des: So, what you're saying is you're willing to revive a possibly dangerous criminal in order to stop a less dangerous one?
:iconshego2drakken:Shego2Drakken 2 1
Spider-Rat: Chapter Two
When last we left our heroes, they were a spider's thread away (literally) from plunging into the Thames. Let's check in on them, shall we?
Ratigan stared up at the thread they were clinging to, thinking "What the hell just happened?"
Then Shego slashed the makeshift rope's connection to the roof. "Oh, crap."
Then they plunged into the river.
Veeken arrived with Des and the others. Kraven was busy tying Drakken and Shego up, but Ratigan and Basil weren't in sight. Veeken strode over to Shego and turned her head to face him. "Where are Ratigan and Basil?", she asked fiercely.
Shego chuckled softly and manaically. "They're dead."
Veeken grabbed the pale-skinned vixen's shoulders. "You lie!"
"Hey, Veek!", Des called from the edge of the roof. She had discovered a short length of what appeared to be some weird rope. "Elvish rope?"
Dr. Director examined the material. "Looks more like spider's thread to me." She turned to Veeken. "What happened to Ratigan and Basil?" Vee
:iconshego2drakken:Shego2Drakken 1 1
Spider-Rat Chapter One
Ratigan walked into the library of the Legacy. Veeken was sitting at one of the tables, sifting through a few letters that had come in the mail. The dark browl furred lion/rat hybrid paused at one of the letters, her eyebrow raised. She turned towards one of the doorways, and called "Des!"
The tan-furred rat stepped in. "You called?", she asked, smirking.
Veeken held out an envelope. "This came in the mail for you. It's a bill." Des swore under her breath as she saw what the letter was. "It's a bill for the newspapers and the books you got." She looked up, frowning slightly. "That much money for a single book?"
Des grinned sheepishly. "Well, actually, it was more of an encyclopedia set."
"Ah", Veeken replied, satisfied, "Now that's more reasonable."
"Let me see that", Ratigan said, extending his hand. He glanced at the total cost. "2,459 dollars and 99 cents?!", he exclaimed incredulously. "How the hell are you supposed to pay that?!"
"That's just it", Des groaned, her he
:iconshego2drakken:Shego2Drakken 0 1
The Wererat: Chapter Seven
AN: Song lyrics in italics.
skyechan: Yes, my mind has officially been messed with. But it's a relatively good messed with.
(Fade to the interior of the Legacy, more specifically, the living room. It's raining heavily. Veeken and Des are sitting around, looking depressed.)
Veeken: All this time, it was Lupin, and we never knew...
Des: It explains why he didn't want Ratigan to be working with us.
Veeken: Yeah. I think he didn't want to have his secret discovered too soon.
(Cut to Ratigan, sitting on his bed, depressed. He looks up. There is a letter on the bedside table. He picks it up, and his eyes widen. As he silently reads the letter, Lupin's voice can be heard reading it.)
Lupin: (voice-over) "If you have found this letter, then I am probably dead, and you now know my secret."
Ratigan: No... You're dead...
Lupin: (voice-over) "However, there is something I must say: I'd like to apologize about what I said earlier. You've changed. However, I'm not surprised. We are all subject to ch
:iconshego2drakken:Shego2Drakken 2 3


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Alcoholic whipping cream?

Must be a market for it, though. The guy at the counter said there were more the day before than there was yesterday.

Tempting (especially since I can drink), but I'd like to keep some things sacred.
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